Art Expertise & Appraisal Service

Art consulting and evidence-based expertise is a compelling combination to successfully draft art business concepts, evaluate art works or create fine art projects. I date art.® offers evaluations and appraisals for the special needs of banks, insurances, courts and legal issues, estates or concerning purchase decisions. Besides the provenance, exhibition history and the basic facts of the artworks it is important to examine the items on site (e.g. in a storage, exhibition space or private) for an extensive and precise appraisal.

In addition to the appraisal service I date art.® offers its knowledge for a wide range of art projects, e.g. archiving and inventory of art works, building and extending art collections and art funds. The idea and focus of each project is different. Authentic art in public spaces is in great demand and did replace usual prints as part of the common office equipment. By now Grand and Design Hotels are characterized by their individual art interior concepts. Large and even medium-sized enterprises mandate art consultants to advise them in building a collection or to furnish their offices and representative spaces.

We would be pleased to support your ideas and are always happy to provide advisory support.

To work with and even connect you with national and international restorers, scientists, gallery manager, curators, logisticians, artists, insurance broker and further participants of the art market is one of our tools to successfully realize your project.