Buying art. All about the art market!


Your learnings...

how likely it is to find a Rembrandt painting in the attic,

how US$450 million can change hands in 19 minutes

... a look behind the art industry structures

... which role galleries, art consultants and auction houses play

... what you should consider, if you want to invest in art

... how easy it is to be tricked by art forgers

... which artists are on top of the market

The art market is an exciting parallel universe. The buying art appears to many people to be pure gambling. But can't art also be a safe investment: "a share on the wall"?

The art expert and scene insider Dr. Franziska Ida Neumann advises investors and collectors and knows that yes, you can get rich by buying art! She takes the reader on an unique journey through the dazzling world of art, in which flea market finds where flea market finds can yield a fortune and where millions are destroyed within seconds. And she reveals the most important unofficial rules of the art market in the game "Bares für Rares" on an international level.

„Wie Sie mit Picasso & Co. ein Vermögen aufbauen … Und warum mit Kunst (nicht) jeder reich werden kann“

FinanzBuch Verlag, ISBN 978-3959723572, 208 pages, 16 June 2020, Bestseller No. 1 on Amazon in Janaury 2021

Handelsblatt Review, 2021