Franziska Ida Neumann I date art

Art for art’s sake.

Art stands for passion, idealism, dedication and the willingness to really see. It reflects society and is far more than an aesthetic moment. Harald Szeeman, international curator and museums director, once told german collector Ingvild Goetz to visit as many exhibitions and to see as many artworks as possible before deciding which strategy to follow at the art market. I date art. has been collecting these experiences since 2007. The formation of I date art. ART CONSULTING & LECTURING UG & Co. KG as a boutique consulting company for art related businesses is the corollary of all compiled experiences in the fields of art, art lending, HNWI key accounting, cultural politics, economics, auctionshouse and gallery market, insurance, logistics and science.

Art creates values. Values that are rated monetarily in the context of private collections, museums, funds or investments. For outsiders, the evaluation of artworks and the structures on the art market are often difficult to understand. Constant practice and consolidated expert – and background knowledge are decisive to highlight values objectively and to rate the trends on the art market. Freelancing art consultants and experts can establish a connection between the artwork and economy. A profound consultancy that illustrates correlations, opens the view for a market, where buying and selling is still sealed by handsale – to be sure only within the HNWI range, discretely and not in public.

Art is a speculation object that carries a certain risk. It requires a mutual trust between the expert and the client to make reliable investment decisions and to rate works of art as an expansion of a collection, in the context of estates or as an investment. I date art. is a consulting firm for issues at the art market and acts as a broker between the different branches of the art industry. With a focus on contemporary art and the classical modernity, we work nationwide and international – balanced on the needs of our customers. Our scope of work varies from developing concepts for private and corporate clients, collectors, startups and organisations to the didactical intermediation of art in the context of exhibitions, or the evaluation of artworks as a consultant and the commitment to pass knowledge in terms of academic teaching and lectures.