Lecturing & Workshops

I date art.


Besides the consultancy service, I date art. also offers seminars, academic lectures and workshops, thematically orientated on the art market. These courses can be held worldwide in German or English.

For universities and alumni: I date art. hosts the seminar ‘Money and art. Art as a profession’ in cooperation with the Caspar David Friedrich Institute at the University of Greifswald. The career after Fine Arts or History of Arts studies can be miscellaneous and is not limited to museums. The free market economy and the art market in particular offer plenty of possibilities for young graduates who combined art with economy or law during their studies. The seminar introduces several careers to the students, such as art logistician, art consultant, art insurance broker, gallery owner, collection assistant, trustee or asset manager and highlights interesting possibilities, even in the financial sector.

For society: What is the current market value of the Mona Lisa? Why should art be interesting as an investment object for my portfolio? Why do 275 executive jets land in Maastricht, Netherlands once a year and how is this connected to art? These questions could be discussed in the course of lectures with topics like art trade and fairs, methods and recognition of falsifications, authenticity, creation index, difference between referee and expert, art as asset class/ investment/ financial object/ prestige good, contemporary and modern art. The lectures can be arranged academically or casually, to deepen or refresh acquired knowledge. In either case they can be an enrichment for interdisciplinary approaches or inspiring discussions, both in a public and in a private environment.

For companies and startups: Innovation through interdisciplinary approaches. I date art. offers workshops for members of the art market and companies of other branches, who wish to broaden their professional horizons or want to derive insights from the art specific mechanisms for their corporate structure. These workshops can be arranged as a teambuilding event or as a seminar on management level to set a change of perspectives.

The time frame and the focus of the workshops, seminars and lectures will be jointly agreed upon the requirements of the customer and discussed in advance. This leaves enough space for the individual orientation, to precisely convey knowledge and recent approaches.