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August 2019: We were proud to be part of the panel „Wege zur modernen Vermögensverwaltung“ that took place in Berlin 8/22/2918. #idateart did a presentation about how to earn „$450m in 19 minutes“ by dealing with art as an asset.

June 2019: „The piece is sold!“ US$450m in 18 minutes. Make art become money.  #idateart is pleased to present its second visiting lecture at the Caspar-David-Friedrich-Institute at the University of Greifswald. It’s all about the International Art Market!  #cdfi

April 2019: #idateart + NationalGeographic Travel Photo Contest 2019

March 2019:  #idateart + #lensculturestreetphotographyawards2019.

Kreditwerte für Kunstwerke: Art Lending is Big Business. now available via

I date art. in December 2018: „Blessed for having been part of an art research project in #cairo …“

We made a stunning discovery in the basement of a villa on the island of Sylt in November 2018.

I date art. is happy to be part of this year’s E-Book „Be your own Asset Manager“ by OWNLY. Find our article „Kunstfonds: Renditeoptimierung oder unnötige Risikospekulation?“ on page 75. Free Download available via OWNLY

It has been 9 months now that we set up I date art.  Reflecting on this we are thankful for the faith and the opprtunities that we received. Within the last 9 month we realised, finalised and supported several projects in the fields of art financing, lecturing and advising. More is about to come.

„Mein Haus, mein Auto, meine KUNSTSAMMLUNG“ available via OWNLY  


Interview I date art. available on