Services & Fees


  • Art consulting for collectors, artists, companies, museums and art venues
  • Appraisals, market analysis und forecasts (evaluations for banks, insurance companies, logistics, depots, courts and for collections and inheritances)
  • Lectures, papers, workshops relating to the topics Art & Money, Art as an Asset/ Investment, Art Market, Contemporary Art & Classic Modern, Science, Art Forgery
  • Concept development for collections, exhibitions & art education
  • Consulting service concering questions of corporate forms, website, corporate design and concepts as well as german trademark protection et al. for art related startups
  • Website set-up for art related businesses (saving domain names and creating websites)
  • Writing and publishing of articles and texts in print- & online media as well as exhibition catalogues
  • Careers service for graduates relating to the fields of art history, fine art and the art market (also to relating sectors as economics, logistics, insurance, tax and law)

All fees will be calculated individually based upon time and effort of the service. Taxes and T&E expenses are not included and will be charged separately. The fee for the appraisals does not depend on the artworks value to guarantee an objective rating.